How We Met

This is a story that stretches more than a decade, with twist and turns, but ends with the stars aligning. We will tell you the short version :)

We were both on the path of becoming chemical engineers at Georgia Tech. Our initial connection was subtle, mere glances exchanged across lab room doors and brief encounters in the corners of the North Ave dining hall. A common hatred of biochemistry brought us even closer together. 

Over the next couple of years, we became closer friends. We had several classes together and even shared a summer together, interning in Houston, where we first planted the seeds to what became our future home. But, for our final years of college, we both focused on ourselves, trying to understand what type of individuals we wanted to be. While this journey kept us a bit distant, the attraction was too strong and as all chemical engineers know: all roads lead back to Houston.

By 2016, We had started our careers as chemical engineers at different companies. But we shared a common group of friends and a love for soccer. We played on the same soccer teams for years to come, winning several championships. I of course had to play up top, scoring goals, selling tickets. As some of you may know, I can get a bit competitive. There was no one other than Rupa who could keep me calm and grounded, letting me know that it was her defense that won the games. I knew I had something special. 

During COVID, our love grew strong. We discovered our common love for eating frozen parathas on hikes, running together with synced AirPods, and…coffee. We were determined to make an impact in the world with our professions but needed love and support from each other to achieve our ambitions. Challenges arose while working late hours and constantly traveling away from one another. But our love only grew stronger. We knew we had a one-of-a-kind partnership.

There was nothing else I needed, Rupa made me the person I wanted to be and I was complete. I wanted to make it forever.

How he proposed

May 20th, 2023 

We started the morning with a wild goose chase for Abi's car registration papers. We were about to leave to go for a walk in the park when Abi started apologizing that the registration papers for his new car had been mailed to the wrong place, so we had to meet his former roommate first since he was about to leave overseas for work. We walked all over Hermann park looking for him, while Abi led me to the gardens. All of a sudden, Abi got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I can't remember a word he said, but I do remember very quickly saying yes. He had a photographer capture the moment and then we took pictures at my new favorite spot in Houston. After the initial surprise wore off, I asked if we should go look for the registration papers, but Abi had different plans for the day:

- A picnic at Hermann park with chocolate croissants while we called family and friends to share the news

- Brunch at the place where we had our first date at the same table we first sat at

- Mini golf, where we learned Abi's athletic talent doesn't translate to all games

- A house full of roses and chocolate

- A lovely Italian dinner

- Ice cream for dessert at my grandfather's request ("All I can say to this news is share an ice cream with your man to celebrate the occasion and send me the bill")